Major Works
by Stephen Sanderson


Macrosociology: An Introduction to Human Societies


From the Publisher:
This book takes a unique approach by taking a comparative, historical and evolutionary perspective on human societies. It is an intellectually sophisticated book that presents sociology as a comparative science of society.

Social Transformations: A General Theory of Historical Development

Social Transformations

From the Publisher:
In Social Transformations Stephen K. Sanderson develops a general theory of social evolution and uses it to explain the most important evolutionary transformations in human history and prehistory. In this expanded edition Sanderson has added a discussion of the biological constraints acting on humans that have helped to push social evolution along strikingly similar lines throughout the world.

Sociological Worlds: Comparative and Historical Readings on Society

Sociological Worlds

From the Publisher:
This reissue of the now classic Sociological Worlds (originally published in 1995) attempts to present a comprehensive picture of human social life--from the perspective of the "comparative-historical revolution" in sociology and presents some of the best theoretical and empirical work that is now being done by comparative-historical sociologists, as well as work by their close cousins, socio-cultural anthropologists. From this perspective, readers gain a picture of the major ways in which human societies differ. For this new library edition, Professor Sanderson has provided both a new preface and three contributions that did not appear in the original edition.

Civilizations and World Systems: Studying World-Historical Change


From the Publisher:
Sanderson invites the leading figures in comparative civilizational studies and world systems analysis--including Wallerstein, MacNeill, Frank, Wilkinson, Chase-Dunn, and Robertson--to compare and contrast their assumptions and conclusions about broad-scale social and historical change. A mixture of newly commissioned work and recently published articles, this book is unmatched as a useful introduction to current thinking about global historical change.

World Societies: The Evolution of Human Social Life

World Societies

The Evolution of Human Sociality: A Darwinian Conflict Perspective

Human Sociality

From the Publisher:
This book attempts a broad theoretical synthesis within the field of sociology and its closely allied sister discipline of anthropology. It draws together what the author considers the best of these disciplines' theoretical approaches into a synthesized theory called Darwinian conflict theory. This theory, in the most general sense, is a synthesis of the tradition of economic and ecological materialism and conflict theory stemming from Marx, Marvin Harris, and the tradition of biological materialism deriving from Darwin.

Social Evolutionism: A Critical History

Social Evolutionism


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