Links About Mills:

Macrosociology: Four Modern Theorists, includes an essay on the Sociology of C. Wright Mills

C. Wright Mills: Letters and Autobiographical Writings, Edited by Kathryn Mills with Pamela Mills. With an Introduction by Dan Wakefield.

C. Wright Mills Org, Many pictures of Mills.

C. Wright Mills: Free Radical, an essay by Todd Gitlin.

Working Minds, useful links to Mills sites.

C. Wright Mills Room, useful links to Mills sites.

C Wright Mills: Private Troubles and Public Issues, a biographical essay by Mark K. Smith.

A Mills Revival by Stanley Aronowitz. An excellent appraisal of Mills' place in sociology.

The World of C. Wright Mills by George Novack. An appraisal and critique of Mills--particularly The Causes of World War III and The Sociological Imagination, written in 1960.

On Intellectual Craftsmanship, a slide show by Muhammed A. Asadi.

Links by Mills:

The Power Elite, by C. Wright Mills.  Excerpts from the book.

On Intellectual Craftsmanship, a great appendix to The Sociological Imagination.