"IX. Economic and military causes of war are allowed to operate also because of the political apathy of publics and the moral insensibility of masses in both Communist and capitalist worlds, and by the political inactivity and abdication of leading intellectual circles of these worlds" (The Causes of World War III, 1958, p. 88).

"X. The same kind of role is being played by leading intellectual, scientific, and religious circles. Most cultural workmen are fighting a cold war in which they echo and elaborate the confusions of officialdoms. They neither raise demands on the elites for alternative policies, nor set forth such alternatives before publics and masses" (The Causes of World War III, 1958, pp. 88-89).

"XI. The thrust toward World War III is not a plot on the part of the elite, either that of the U.S.A. or that of the U.S.S.R." (The Causes of World War III, 1958, p. 89).