"III. The official theory of war--the military metaphysic--is itself among the causes of the thrust toward war. The less adequate one's definitions of reality and the less apt one's programme for changing it, the more complex does the scene of action appear. "Complexity' is not inherent in any phenomena; it is relative to the conceptions with which we approach reality. It is the task of those who want peace to identify causes and to clarify them to the point of action. It is the inadequate definition of world reality and the lack of any imaginative programme for peace that make the international scene appear now so complex and hopeless to the American elite, that make perilous those piecemeal reactions which constitute much of U.S. official action and lack of action since the decision to obliterate Hiroshima" (The Causes of World War III, 1958, p. 86).

"IV. It is the continual preparation for war that the power elite now finds the major basis for the furthering of the several and the coinciding interests of its members" (The Causes of World War III, 1958, p. 86).

"V. For the politicians, the military metaphysic provides a cover under which they can abdicate the perils of innovative leadership. . .it hides the political vacuum in which they now irresponsibly commit their political defaults (The Causes of World War III, 1958, pp. 86-87).