"What scientist can claim to be part of the legacy of science and yet remain a hired technician of the military machine?
What man of god can claim to partake of the Holy Spirit, to know the life of Jesus, to grasp the meaning of the Sunday phrase 'the brotherhood of man'--and yet sanction the insensibility, the immorality, the spiritual irresponsibility of the Caesars of our time?
What Western scholar can claim to be part of the big discourse of reason and yet retreat to formal trivialities and exact nonsense, in a world in which reason and freedom are being held in contempt, being smashed, being allowed to fade out of the human condition?
The answer to all these questions, if we remain generous in our conception of 'cultural workmen', is quite plain: Very many scientists, very many preachers, very many intellectuals, are in default" (The Causes of World War III, 1958, p. 130).