Links to Harry Braverman Writings:

Marx in the Modern World

The Nasser Revolution

Prosperity on Easy Payments

Big Business Moves in on the Farmer

Writing as Harry Frankel:

The Renegades: Lewis Corey

A Defamer of Marxism

Class Forces in the American Revolution

How the Constitution was Written

The Jackson Period in American History

Three Conceptions of Jacksonianism

John L. Lewis

Does America Disprove Marx?

The Structure of US Imperialism

How Many Capitalists in the US?

Capitalism and Democracy

Works by Braverman

Publishing in Spain

Links about Braverman:

Harry Braverman: Marxist Activist and Theorist 

Braverman's Labour and Monopoly Capital by Robert M. Young

Against Management: Harry Braverman's Marxism by Dave Renton

Braverman and the Class Struggle by Michael Yates