Computer Communication in Medical Sociology

Use of E-mail:

Students need to have an e-mail account (they are free).  If you have any questions for me--anything course related at all--you can e-mail me at It is important to place "Medical Sociology" in the subject heading of the message.

Medical Sociology Listserve:

Once you have your e-mail account you are to sign-up for the class list serve. A list serve will allow every student an easy way to keep in touch with the rest of the class.  Using the list serve, students can quickly field questions from other classmates and the professor. 

The list serve will be used for class announcements and other items of interest to the class.  You are welcome to use it to post your own class related messages as well.  If you want to send a message to the whole class (say sharing an idea, a web page, or a comment) address your message to It will then go to everyone in the class (including the instructor).

The Medical Sociology Forum:

The Medical Sociology Forum has been set up so that students can conduct discussions relevant to the course materials.  Students are encouraged to post well thought out messages on the Forum.  Your work on the Forum will count as 1/3 your final grade. Forum Guidelines and Rules as well as the Medical Sociology Forum can easily be accessed through several links at this site.

The On-Line Presentations:

Over 15 of your instructor's medical sociology presentations have been linked to the syllabus page of this site. Students are responsible for this material. Some of this material will be reviewed in class (but not all). You may also find the information useful in your forum participation.



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