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A search of infotrac produced numerous articles on the importance of liberal arts, liberal arts and careers, and theoretical discussions of the liberal arts.Some of these are citation only - but a student worker could easily run them down. Others can be downloaded directly to a restricted reading room (to comply with copyrights).

Some faculty may be aware of additional articles on the liberal arts (in general or concerning their own disciplines).  All this can be fodder for our own discussions and eventually cited in promotional materials for our programs. This effort to collect data should be continued after the program is established - individual disciplines should be encouraged to update for the good of their own discipline and for the liberal arts program in general.

Liberal Arts Reading List:

New! Alfred H. Bloom, President of Swarthmore College, graduation address, May 31, 1999.

Communication Skills Essential

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

What are the Humanities? (Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities)

Top Companies Seek Out Liberal Arts Majors

Better than an MBA: business benefits from classic curriculum

As a Weapon in the Hands of the Poor

The making of the liberal arts college identity

How the liberal arts college affects students

The currents of democracy: the role of small liberal arts colleges

Generating ideals and transforming lives: a contemporary case for the residential liberal arts college

Wanted: liberal arts grads

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