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Step 1

Upload the Viewlet files to your web server directly from inside ViewletBuilder.

Step 2

Copy the following code once and paste it between the <head> and </head> tags of your page:
<script language="javaScript">
function isLeelouCompliant()
     version=Math.round(parseFloat(navigator.appVersion) * 1000);
     if (navigator.appName.substring(0,9) == "Microsoft")
         if(version>=4000) answer=true;
     if (navigator.appName.substring(0,8) == "Netscape")
         if ((navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Win")> 0) && (version>=4060)) answer=true;
         if ((navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Linux")> 0) && (version>=4060)) answer=true;
         if ((navigator.appVersion.indexOf("SunOS")> 0) && (version>=4060)) answer=true;
         if ((navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Mac")> 0) && (version>=5000)) answer=true;
     // other one with plug-in (ie opera+plug_in)
     if (plugins!=null)
              if((plugins[i].name.indexOf("Java Plug-in")>=0) && (plugins[i].name.indexOf("1.0")<0))
     return answer;

function openViewlet(htmlFile,htmlWidth,htmlHeight)
     str = 'resizable=0,toolbar=0,menubar=0,';
     str = str + 'scrollbars=0,status=0,location=0,directory=0,width=350,height=200';
// -->

Step 3

Copy/Paste EITHER of these links :

    Viewlet is in the same directory as the web page :

    <a href="javascript:openViewlet('forumuse_viewlet.html',699,560);">How to use a forum</a>


    Viewlet is in a different directory than the web page :

    <a href="javascript:openViewlet('path_to_viewlet\forumuse_viewlet.html',699,560);">How to use a forum</a>
    and replace 'path_to_viewlet' by the relative path from the web page to the viewlet