Soc 3053 Cultural Ecology

A Web Enhanced Course

An examination of how man has used the various aspects of her social structure to adapt to the physical environment.  This course centers on macro-level social theory.  Using a comparative historical analysis we will examine the relations of sociocultural systems to their environment. Current ecological theories will be used to examine social evolution from hunting and gathering to industrial societies. For the webbed portion of this course please go to Cultural Ecology.

Dr. Frank Elwell 
3 credit hours

Social Science majors, minors or anyone with an interest in social evolution. What we will cover:

  • Hunting and Gathering Societies
  • Social Evolution
  • Agrarian Revolution
  • Horticultural Societies
  • Agrarian Societies
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Industrial Societies
    • Economy
    • State
    • Family
    • Division of Labor
    • Industrial Agriculture
    • Postindustrialism?

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