Individual Computer Accounts for Students


An Individual Computer Account has been created for all students enrolled at RSU.  Each account will remain active as long as the student is enrolled at RSU.  The account will provide the student with space on the student file server (S: drive).  Each student’s account will be automatically mapped to the appropriate drive; no student intervention required.  The space provided to each student will only be accessible by that student.  No one else will have access to a student’s disk area.  The student file server is accessible from HH132, HH139, HH258, HS172, HS164, LH200, SSS Lab, Baird Writing, Library Labs, Learning Center Lab, Pryor campus, Bartlesville Campus, as well as from the residence halls.   

The user id for a student is composed of the characters “sd” followed by the student’s first name and last name.  (A maximum of 20 characters total, including the sd, are allowed.)  If there are duplicates (another student has the same first name and last name), the user id is composed of the characters sd followed by the student’s first name and last name followed by a number.  (Each instructor should be able to refer to their roll sheet and determine which number, if any, applies to each student.)

 Example1:  Suzy Day would have an id of sdsuzyday

Example2:  If there is more than one person named Suzy Day, then one of them will have

      an id of sdsuzyday, another will have id sdsuzyday2, another will have id sdsuzyday3, etc.

 Each student’s password is his/her birthday:  mmddyyyy  (Note: password must be 8 characters)

 Each student will be required to change his/her password the first time they log on.

 Any problems should be reported at PREP 210.  The student must present a valid photo id when reporting problems.


How to configure your new Student e-mail account


Configuring your student email account is a two step process. By following these instructions your account should be configured quickly and correctly. You can configure your account from any computer with Internet access. Instructions are also included to configure your personal computer to receive email in MS-Outlook Express.  


Begin by identifying your user ID and password. Your user ID is composed of the first 16 characters of your first and last name. If there are duplicates (another student has your same first name and last name), then your user ID is composed of the first 15 characters of your first and last name immediately followed by a number.  

Example l:  Suzy Day would have an id of suzyday

Example2: Christopher Jabberwocky would have an id of christopherjabbe

Example3: If there is more than one person named Suzy Day, then one of them will have an ID of suzyday, another will have ID suzyday2, another will have ID suzyday3,  

Example4: If there is more than one person named Christopher Jabberwocky, then one of them will have an ID of christopherjabbe, another will have ID christopherjabb2, another will have ID christopherjabb3, etc.

Your initial password is set to your birthday: mmddyy  


Accessing your email account using your user ID and password is initiated by accessing the internet from any computer:

 1.      Start your browser and type the following URL in the internet address line of your browser:

http:/ /

2.      Click the "Login" button

3.      In the box, type in your user ID in the first box and your password in the second box

4.      Do NOT check the "Save this password in your password list" box

5.      Click the "ok" button

6.      To access your email, click on the second icon on the left

7.      Place your mouse cursor on each icon on the left for a brief explanation of the icon

8.      Be sure to change your password the first time you log on

A.     Change your password by going to url:

B.     Enter your ID and password

C.     In the next screen, type in your new password in both the text boxes

D.     Click the "Submit" button

E.      It may take up to an hour until the change takes place

9.      Be sure to logout when you are finished

A. You logout by clicking on the top icon on the left (takes you back to the welcome screen)

B. Click on the "Logout" button

C. Be sure to close your browser; otherwise, others will be able to read your email.

  You should now be able to send and receive email via your address.

 Your email address will be:


 To access your e-mail from any computer, you will type the following URL in the internet address line of the browser you are using:

(OPTIONAL SETUP) If you are using your personal computer to access your email, you may desire to configure Outlook Express to read your email. Use the following steps to configure Outlook Express:

1.      Under Tools/Accounts choose the Mail tab.

2.      Choose Add/Mail.

3. Fill in your name/click Next.

4. Your email address is User (Make sure the top radio button is selected.) Click Next.

5. Your incoming mail server is POP3. (Choose POP3 on the drop-down menu.)

6. In both text boxes, type: Click Next.

7. Type in your-user-id and password. Do NOT check the "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" box. Click Next.

8. Click Finish.

 Contact the Academic Computing Services at 343-7538 if you are having any problems with configuration of your email account.





Computer log-on (accessible on-campus only)

Username:         sdsuzyday

Password:          mmddyyyy

Maximum of 20 total characters including “sd”



Email log-on (

Username:         suzyday

Password:          mmddyy

Change password option on

Approximately first 16 characters



WebCT log-on (

Username:         sdsuzyday

Password:          mmddyyyy

Click on “password settings” if wanting to change password.

(All WebCT accounts are created the day before classes begin and deleted at the end of every semester.

You will not have an account to access between semesters!)



Hillcat Hub (from the RSU webpage or

Username:         suzyday

Password:          mmddyyyy

Click on “personal info” then “password” to change password.

(If you click on “forgot my password”, the password is automatically sent to your student email.

Go to the student email site and access as is noted for student email on this document.)



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